Day of Data

Thank you, Yale Day of Data, for a great day in Kroon Hall.  I learned a lot and really enjoyed it.  My talk was on Urban Data.  Here are a few slides:

Yale Day of Data Screenshot

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.004

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.005

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.006

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.007Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.009

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.010Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.011Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.013Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.015Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.017Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.018

Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.019Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.021Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.022Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.023Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.024Rubin_Yale Day of Data_12-01-17.027

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