Landscape Lunch

I’m putting together my thoughts now for a “Landscape Lunch” talk I will be giving at the Yale School of Architecture on Monday, January 30.  I look forward to the opportunity to share my work and research approach with fellow faculty.  I am thinking about leading with this image, one of my own photographs, which I often use in my seminars as an exercise in “reading” the urban landscape as a text:

This is a scene from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Part of the exercise is to read architectural iconography:  how do we the facades?  What do they tell us about the functions of the buildings?  In my graduate seminar, Urban Research and Representation, we spent a good bit of time analyzing this image.  The low building is not currently used as a garage, though it was almost certainly built as one in the 1920s, but is the home of a popular bar called “Barcade” that features vintage arcade games from the 1980s and speaks to one element in the contemporary social life of this place.

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